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To enter the mythical world of OURANOS is to enter an airy, transparent and sober space. Martial Gueniat, the master of the premises, welcomes you warmly in a nice and quiet place.

Elegance is combined with originality to seduce the curious visitor who is impatient to try things out in complete tranquillity in order to make a better choice in complete freedom. Just like time flies, which softens everything, which is elastic, time does not catch up. It passes.

In this spirit, Martial Gueniat has opted for selective watch and jewellery brands that will make the heart beat faster for many of you. Do not hesitate to occupy your time, to stretch it, to lose it. the god Ouranos watches over you.

As OFFICIAL RETAILER of each brands, Ouranos can advise you and get any products. The boutique also offers a professional service.



0% financing

At OURANOS, 0% loan is possible up to CHF 10'000 with a monthly payment spread from 6 to 36 months. If the product costs less than CHF 10'000, no down payment is required.

Example: the product costs CHF 5'600, the loan is CHF 5'600 with no down payment needed. Any amount that would exceed a CHF 10’000 loan will require a down payment of the difference between CHF 10'000 and the price of the product. Example: the product costs CHF 12'000, the loan is CHF 10'000 and the down payment CHF 2'000.

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